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Being an International House school is, in itself, a guarantee of quality in the teaching of Italian for foreigners.

It means that the school has been inspected by an international third party and that it meets all the requirements to qualify for entry into the International House – World Organisation .

All schools affiliated with the  International House – World Organisation share a commitment of quality to customers, staff and the planet. We want our students to achieve their goals and break new ground and we want IH staff to be part of a team that helps students to progress.

International House schools are inspected regularly, both in person and online, ensuring high standards. The aim is to ensure that students have the same engaging and effective language learning experience at any International House school, regardless of the city or country they are in or the way they study.

Does International House Catania have any other accreditation or awards?

Yes, International House Catania is also

  • officially recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education
  • a member of AISLi and therefore affiliated to EAQUALS
  • a DITALS authorised centre
  • an accredited centre for BILDUNGSURLAUB in Germany
  • a CSN-accredited centre in Sweden

What is the accreditation and awards for?

When you choose a school to study Italian, it is important that you are assured of the quality of the school, both from a teaching and organizational point of view, as well as from a service point of view.

You are investing time, energy and money in your training and we want you to make the most of it. Your time is precious to you and to us.

The audits and inspections by third-party bodies which certify the quality of our school means that we are committed to the quality indicators contained in the individual certifications and accreditation. This is a guarantee of effectiveness and efficiency for everyone, from our students and teachers to our staff!

What is the Presa d’Atto of the Ministry of Education?

The Presa d’Atto is an administrative act in which the Italian Ministry of Public Education acknowledges the validity of courses organized by a school or private vocational training institute.

Our school is recognised by the Ministry of Education with Presa d’atto 2681/1 of 08/02/2000

What is AISLI – Italian Language Schools Association?

Being a member of AISLi is a further seal of assurance. The aim of AISLi – Associazione Italiana Scuole di Lingue is to make the quality standards in the foreign language school sector clear and transparent.

AISLi regularly monitors the teaching given to students who are learning a foreign language to ensure professionalism and that teaching methods are innovative and effective. They check that teachers have professional qualifications, that the teaching materials are from recognized publishers and that international certifications in the sector are valid.

Inspection is the pivotal tool for monitoring the quality of the service provided and the integrity of the member school’s conduct. The aim is to achieve and maintain the professionalism of the schools through regular inspections that verify the application of the Student Bill of Rights and compliance with the Professional Code of Conduct.

What does adherence to the EAQUALS mission and founding values mean?

AISli – Associazione Italiana Scuole di Lingue to which we belong is an EAQUALS associate member. Therefore, our school must also ensure adherence to the EAQUALS mission, which is “to promote excellence in language education worldwide by providing leadership, guidance and support to governments, educational institutions and individuals”, and to the founding values of EAQUALS, namely to:

  • serve the interests of language learners worldwide
  • promote all languages and cultures
  • promote international cooperation and understanding
  • encourage personal and professional development
  • support openness and transparency
  • uphold fairness and professionalism of service

The AISLi inspection scheme reflects the same EAQUALS requirements, i.e:

  • Improving the experience of language learners by developing quality standards for modern language teaching.Accrediting language training providers according to these standards.
  • Developing practical resources and providing training and support for those working in the field of modern languages.

What does it mean to be a DITALS Centre?

Our school is a DITALS Examination Centre – Teaching Italian as a Second/Foreign Language.

DITALS is a certification examination that certifies the competence of those who work as teachers of Italian as a second language (L2) in teaching Italian to foreigners. 

The DITALS Centre in Siena has been carrying out research and study activities for the design, processing and administration of the DITALS Certification (Certification of Competence in Teaching Italian to Foreigners) since 2005.

What does it mean to be accredited for Bildungsurlaub?

Bildungsurlaub is a training leave of 5 to 10 working days that employees of German companies and enterprises can enjoy. The course is paid for by the employee but they continue to be paid and will not have days deducted from their holidays.

The offices of the various Länder in Germany authorise a school’s courses for the training leave, after examining and analysing the contents of the course syllabi and the school’s quality level. Each region/land authorises Bildungsurlaub independently of the other regions in Germany.

What does it mean to be accredited by the CSN in Sweden?

The CSN is the Swedish National Board that authorises loans to Swedish students wishing to pursue an academic or training course abroad.

The school’s approval for the CSN comes through a check and analysis of the course syllabi and the school’s guarantee of quality.

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