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Attending an Italian language course in Italy is always the ideal option. Any foreign language is best learned in the country where it is spoken. If your goal is to speak Italian like Italians do, an intensive course in Italy will help you to dive into the Italian language. 

IH Catania offers you a variety of Italian courses for all levels from beginner to more advanced. 

Choose the course structure that works best for you to learn Italian and we will take care of the rest!







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Why take an intensive Italian course in Italy?

Where is the best place to learn and practice everyday expressions, idiomatic phrases and interact in Italian, if not in Italy? Where else could you learn to speak using body language, hand gestures and facial expressions and the art of how to talk over another person?! Enroll in one of our Italian language courses and we will teach you all the tools you need to become a perfect Italian speaker!

Our teachers are not only highly experienced, but also have immense enthusiasm, a consistently positive attitude and are able to make every lesson fun. They are all university graduates and have undergone specific training to teach Italian as a second language.

We believe that an Italian course is not just about learning a set of grammar rules but also includes sharing our culture, traditions and way of life too. Teaching an Italian course means giving students an intensive experience of everyday Italian life and giving you the right tools to enjoy every aspect of the Italian lifestyle.

Our main focus is on communication and our teachers will have you speaking Italian from the very first lesson. Furthermore, on our Italian courses we will not only help you speak Italian immediately, but we will also have you by using authentic materials from the very beginning i.e. the same ‘materials’ (newspapers, magazines, videos, podcasts etc.) that we use in our daily lives.

Italian language courses for foreigners in Italy

There is a huge difference between taking an Italian language course in your own country and taking an Italian language course in Italy.

Living in Italy for a certain period of time, becoming completely immersed in the Italian language, culture and lifestyle and being surrounded by the Italian language will increase your skills in Italian more than any other course you can take in your home country. If you want to move from a theoretical and passive knowledge of the Italian language to an authentic, active use, there is no other more effective way to achieve this goal.

Moreover, our Italian language courses are attended by an international audience of people from all over the world whose main aim is to speak Italian. Being with students who do not speak your language will force you to use Italian in your social life as well. On top of that, our teachers will only use Italian in class to help you learn the language properly right from the beginning.

An Italian language course in a group or private lessons?

Both an intensive Italian language group course or private lessons with a qualified Italian teacher are very effective.

If you cannot decide, focus on the fact that an Italian group course might be more fun (sharing the learning experience with a group of international students is certainly a lot of fun!) and less expensive. On the other hand, private lessons can be more easily customised to your specific goals, pace, and learning style, although the cost of a one hour individual lesson is higher than a one hour group lesson.

Will the level be right for me?

Our Italian language courses are structured according to the European Framework of Languages, from basic Italian language courses (level A0), through intermediate Italian language courses, to advanced Italian language courses (level C2). Once you have completed your course enrolment, we will send you an online assessment test to find out more about your current knowledge of Italian

Will I be able to add an extra course to the Italian language course?

Definitely! Our Italian language school offers a wide range of Italian plus programs, Italian culture courses, exam preparation programs, and courses for specific purposes. Do not miss this opportunity to get the most out of your language stay in Sicily, Italy!

Can I take a course at my teacher’s home?

If you would like to experience something different and actively participate in the daily life of an Italian family, why not take advantage of our Live and study at your teacher’s home’ program? This Home Tuition program is a fantastic opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Italian family life, get to know the Italian language, and receive daily private lessons tailored to your needs. Take part in a new way of learning Italian in Italy!

If you need more information or have any questions about any of our courses, do not hesitate to contact us. We will welcome you with a quick response and a big smile!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Italian Language Courses in Italy


Why take an Italian course in Italy?

Taking an Italian course in Italy not only provides you with immersive language exposure but also allows you to experience the rich culture, history, and daily life. This context enhances understanding, retention, and practical use of the language. Additionally, studying in Italy provides opportunities to connect with locals and practice Italian in real-world situations.

What benefits do intensive Italian courses offer?

Intensive Italian courses accelerate your learning process through focused lessons and increased language exposure. They’re beneficial for quickly gaining proficiency, especially if you have limited time or a specific goal in mind, like preparing for a proficiency exam or enhancing your career prospects.

Intensive courses often offer a variety of learning methods such as immersion programs, cultural activities, and one-on-one tutoring, providing a well-rounded educational experience that caters to individual learning styles. Additionally, intensive Italian courses are an excellent opportunity to be fully immersed in the language and culture, making it easier to retain new knowledge and develop fluency.

How can I maximize my learning during an intensive Italian course?

To make the most out of your intensive Italian course, it’s essential to set clear goals and expectations for yourself. Focus on areas where you want to improve and communicate them with your instructor so they can personalize the lessons accordingly.

Immersing yourself in the language outside of class is also crucial. Interact with locals, practice speaking with classmates, and consume media in Italian. This will help you improve your listening comprehension and conversation skills.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and ask questions. An intensive course is a safe environment to learn and grow, so take advantage of the resources and support available to you.

Why should I consider studying Italian in Italy for the long term?

Long-term studies provide deeper linguistic immersion, allowing you to significantly improve your fluency and understanding of both the language and Italian culture. It also presents more opportunities to form lasting connections with locals and other learners.

How do I choose the right Italian course for me?

First, determine your language learning goals. Are you looking for a general conversational course or a more specific business or academic focus? Next, consider your preferred learning environment – group classes or private instruction? Also, take into account the location, cost, and duration of the course. Researching reviews and testimonials from previous students can also help in making an informed decision.
We, at GIGA – INTERNATIONAL HOUSE offer both group classes  or private lessons  as well as a wide range of extra courses and special programs.  

Do I need any prior knowledge of Italian to enroll in a language course?

No prior knowledge is necessary for beginner-level courses as they start with the basics. For higher levels, we require a placement test to determine your language proficiency.

To enroll in our extra courses, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of Italian vocabulary and grammar at an intermediate or advanced level because all extra courses are taught in Italian.

Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

We do provide a certificate upon completion of your Italian language course.

It is important to know that a Certificate of Attendance is different than a recognized certification exam such as the CELI or CILS, which can be beneficial for job opportunities or further studies. We, at GIGA – INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, offer exam preparation courses.

Are there any cultural immersion activities included in the course?

Complementary to our Italian language courses, we offer a social and cultural immersion activity program, such as cooking classes, wine tastings, museum tours, cultural events, and day trips to nearby cities. These activities not only enhance your understanding of Italian culture but also provide opportunities to practice your language skills in real-life situations.

How long does it take to become fluent in Italian?

The time it takes to become fluent in Italian can vary greatly depending on the individual’s dedication, prior knowledge, and learning methods.

However, with consistent practice and immersion, most individuals can reach fluency within 1-2 years of studying. It is important to remember that becoming fluent in any language is a continuous process that requires ongoing learning and practice.

Why take an Italian course in Sicily?

Sicily offers a unique blend of cultural influences, stunning landscapes, and historical landmarks. Studying in Sicily means learning Italian in a place where every street, cuisine, and tradition tells a story, providing an enriching educational experience beyond the classroom.

Sicily’s rich history and vibrant culture serve as a living textbook for language students, with the island’s mix of Greek, Arabic, and Norman heritages presenting a captivating backdrop to learn Italian. Engaging directly with the locals not only improves linguistic skills but also provides deep insights into the idiosyncrasies of the language as it’s woven with

What makes Italian language schools in Sicily stand out?

An accredited Italian language schools in Sicily, such as IH Catania (link?), known for its high-quality instruction offer a wide variety of courses starting regularly throughout the year, ensuring that you can begin your learning journey at a time that suits you best.

Being an International House school is, in itself, a guarantee of quality in the teaching of Italian to foreigners. It means that the school has been inspected by an international third party and that it meets all the requirements to qualify for entry into the International House – World Organisation .

International House schools are inspected regularly, ensuring high standards. The aim is to ensure that students have the same engaging and effective language learning experience at any International House school, regardless of the city or country they are in or the way they study.

All schools affiliated with the International House – World Organisation share a commitment to quality for customers, staff, and the planet. We want our students to achieve their goals and break new ground and we want IH staff to be part of a team that helps students to progress.

Our Italian language Department at GIGA – INTERNATIONAL HOUSE combines quality Italian teaching with cultural immersion experiences, like cooking classes, cultural tours, and local homestays, which enrich the learning experience.allowing students to practice the language in real-life contexts. Italian language schools in Sicily stand out because of their personalized approach to teaching, smaller class sizes, and emphasis on cultural immersion.

Moreover, studying Italian in Sicily gives you direct access to a region steeped in history and traditions, offering a unique educational backdrop that textbooks simply cannot provide. The island’s rich archaeological sites and vibrant local life serve as open-air classrooms that can transform any lesson into a living dialogue with the past and present.

How do I choose the right Italian course in Sicily?

Consider your learning goals, level of proficiency, and the type of experience you’re looking for. Italian language schools like GIGA – INTERNATIONAL HOUSE offer a wide range of high-quality Italian courses and look for programs that match your interests, whether you’re an absolute beginner or looking to refine your fluency.

Consider your learning goals, availability, and preferred learning style. If you’re looking for immersion, choose a course that includes cultural activities. For specific needs like culture courses or exam preparation, look for specialized programs. Assessing class size and the school’s accreditation can also guide your decision.

When selecting a course, also account for the post-course support system. This continued engagement can be crucial for language retention and further skill development. We, at GIGA – INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, often organize and offer free online webinars on different aspects of the Italian culture and language. Remember, the right Italian course should align with both your educational and personal aspirations, setting a foundation for not just language proficiency, but for a broader cultural understanding.

What is IH Catania known for?

IH Catania is renowned for offering high-quality Italian language courses in Sicily. Catering to all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced, our Department of Italian provides a wide range of courses that emphasize immersive learning experiences and cultural engagement.

When do courses at IH Catania start, and what options are available?

Courses at GIGA – INTERNATIONAL HOUSE start regularly throughout the year, offering flexibility to students. They provide a broad spectrum of options, including intensive courses, full-immersion programs, and private classes tailored to individual interests and learning objectives.

How does Italian language immersion in Sicily enhance the language learning experience?

Engaging in an immersive learning environment in Sicily offers the invaluable benefit of being surrounded by native speakers, which can greatly accelerate the learning process. Immersion facilitates not only the frequent practice of Italian in everyday situations but also provides exposure to regional accents. This real-world experience is complemented by the rich cultural context that Sicily provides, from its historical sites to its culinary delights, allowing learners to understand the language within its cultural nuances. Students often find that immersion leads to quicker acquisition of conversational skills and a more authentic accent.

What benefits do intensive Italian courses offer?

Intensive Italian courses provide a fast-paced learning environment designed to improve your language skills in a short period. They are ideal for those looking to make significant progress quickly, offering more hours of instruction per week and opportunities for practical application.

Are there Italian lessons specifically designed for beginners?

Yes, our school in Sicily offers Italian courses for absolute beginners. These courses aim to introduce you to the language and gradually build your skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our Italian courses for absolute beginners focus on foundational aspects of the language, including basic grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills, providing a solid base for further study.

Can beginners achieve a good level of Italian through courses in Sicily?

Absolutely, yes! Beginners can achieve a solid foundation in Italian through courses offered in Sicily, especially when enrolled in programs that include immersive learning and cultural experiences. With dedication and the right instruction, beginners can make significant strides in their language proficiency.

What can I expect from an intermediate Italian course?

Intermediate Italian courses build upon the foundational knowledge acquired at the beginner level. These courses delve deeper into complex grammatical structures, idiomatic expressions, and more sophisticated vocabulary that enables students to converse on a wider range of subjects. Expect lessons to incorporate varied dialogue situations, often reflecting real-life scenarios, to improve listening and speaking fluency.

Additional emphasis on reading and writing skills helps round out a comprehensive approach to language mastery. Literature, film, and interactive media may also be introduced to enhance cultural competence alongside language skills.


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