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Our school

Our school specializes in teaching foreign languages, including Italian for foreigners.

Competence and professionalism in teaching foreign languages is the strength of all International House schools in the world. Another strength is customer care and assisting our students because you are the center of our attention.

Our school is part of the IH World Organization, a worldwide organization founded in 1953 with a global network of more than 140-member language schools in 45 countries on all continents.

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Our mission

In addition to excellent Italian courses, our mission is to give you the experience of living and learning Italian in an authentic and vibrant city that is full of tradition.

Sicily is an island that has always been a mixture of cultures, a place of encounters and a magical place in which the roots of Italian history and culture are rooted. Think of the 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that this island contains which is the sum of the melting pot that has taken place here over the centuries. Sicily has managed to host and bring together people from very distant and different backgrounds, histories and religions. As Wolfgang Goethe said, “Sicily is the key to everything!”

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So many reason for taking an Italian course in Catania

There are endless good reasons to take an Italian course in Catania, ranging from its history that began in the time of Magna Graecia to the many writers and novelists that this city has hosted. Not to mention its deep Mediterranean soul, the environment influenced by the sea and the volcano, the beautiful historic center of the city (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the exciting culture scene and nightlife.

Catania is a city where traditions, legends and folklore all especially come together in a unique way during the procession for the Feast of St. Agatha, the patron saint of the city, on February 5th each year. The Catanese like to eat well and the daily markets such as the ‘Piscarìa’, the local fish market, make that possible, offering the best of what is fished, raised and cultivated locally in Sicily.

Indeed, it is impossible to get bored in Catania!

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School accreditation guarantees excellence in teaching and services

Choosing the right school is the most important thing if you value your time and money! Our school is an International House school which stands for and guarantees professionalism, competence and reliability. We cater to your needs and expectations.

The accreditation that the school holds is an additional guarantee when you choose to study with us. We are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education through the Presa d’atto and are members of the Association of Language Schools in Italy (AISLI). We respect the founding values of EAQUALS and operate as a DITALS center for the training of teachers of Italian as a second language. We also have recognition for the BILDUNGSURLAUB in Germany and the CSN in Sweden.

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A communicative teaching method

One must dive into the ‘sea of Italian’ in order to learn how to use and communicate in this language.

We believe that a language is not the result of a set of grammar rules but the mirror of a culture and a way of seeing and interpreting the world around us. Learning a language is therefore not a mechanical process.

Our students will benefit greatly from the use of authentic materials because their everyday use facilitates better integration into the linguistic reality outside of school, in real life and in society.

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It is not just about studying, you have to immerse yourself in cultural life

Every week you can participate in the program of socio-cultural activities during the course. There are many activities such as guided city tours, visits to museums, movies at the cinema, talks on the Italian language and cultural topics, games together, aperitifs, dinners together, concerts, and excursions.

The weekly activity program is a very important part of your Italian language-learning journey. You will always find yourself in real-life situations, in the company of native Italian speakers (your teachers, guides, chaperones etc.) and there will be key opportunities for you to practice your Italian. Remember that there is no better way to learn Italian than to dive into a sea of authentic Italian in real-life situations!

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