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An Italian language school in Sicily: the best way to immerse yourself in Sicily!

Welcome to one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Sicily! Sicily has been captivating travelers and lovers of the Italian language and culture for centuries with its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and delicious cuisine.

But did you know that Sicily is also the perfect place to learn the Italian language?

Whether you are a lover of Italian language, culture, or an international traveler seeking to improve your language skills, Sicily has everything you need for an unforgettable language learning experience.

Our Italian language school in Sicily

The GIGA-INTERNATIONAL HOUSE school in Catania is one of the leading Italian language schools in Sicily.

Founded in 1997, GIGA International House is well-known in language training, not only in Catania but in the whole of eastern Sicily.

Language Courses, Certifications and the Teacher Training Department are the three pillars on which Giga IH Catania has built its reputation with over 25 years of business in foreign language teaching, 25+ years marked by seriousness, high-standards and expertise. 

Giga’s Italian language school – International House Catania – is part of the IH World Organisation IH was founded in 1953 and today makes up a global network of over 140 affiliated private language schools in 45 countries, on all continents. International House schools are independently owned and operated and are all committed to the highest standards in language teaching face to face and/or online.
Our language school is recognized by various National and International organizations. In particular, our Italian courses are recognised with Presa d’Atto by the Ministry of Education (today, MIUR), by various Landes in Germany for Bildungsurlaub and by CSN in Sweden. In addition, the school is also an Examination Centre for DITALS, the Certification in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language.

Our goal is not only to teach Italian as a foreign language, but also to provide you with an authentic experience in Sicily while you participate in a language study program in Sicily

During this program, you will have the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of Sicily by visiting historical places, archaeological sites, and attending artistic events.

We aim to guide you through the history, art, and culture of the region, ensuring that your language study program in Sicily will be an unforgettable experience for life and mich fun!

Where our Italian language school in Catania is located

Our school which is located in the historical and commercial centre of Catania has recently been expanded, renovated and equipped to keep up with the latest teaching methods.

The school is only 350 meters away from the largest Central Park of Catania and its historical City Center.

The school is located on the 2nd floor of a modern building and has been recently refurbished and is composed by a large Reception Area, 6 classrooms, a large floor terrace, a Director’s Office, a Staff Office, and a Teachers Office.

What type of courses do we offer?

We provide Italian language courses for learners of all levels, from beginners (A0) to advanced (C1 and C2), both in groups and private lessons.

Our courses focus on real communication and active use of the language, rather than simply memorizing grammatical rules.

Our Italian courses use a highly communicative approach, where the student is at the center of learning. We believe in teaching Italian in a way that fosters real communication and interaction, rather than just passive knowledge.

In our Italian courses for foreigners, we use textbooks and resources from modern publishers in the field of teaching Italian as a second/foreign language.

During the Italian courses, we also use multimedia tools and authentic study material such as newspapers, magazines, podcasts and videos etc.

This is because our teaching objective is to improve real competence in the Italian language and authentic communication and not just the learning of grammar rules and their sterile application in course book exercises.

Our approach is communicative and with us you will learn to communicate properly and not just how to apply grammar rules!

Additionally, we offer extra courses for total immersion in Italian language and culture.

These courses include
– Sicily in your Mouth (Sicilian cooking programme)
– Drinking from the cup of Ulysses (wine-tasting programme)
– Walking in the footsteps of Polyphemus (trekking programme)
– Dive into the sea of Neptune (scuba diving programme)
– Nadd-Europe scuba diving licence
– Sea baptism (first scuba diving experience)
– Sicilian ceramics

And two special programmes for a truly total immersion in our language and culture:
– the ‘UNESCO Grand Tour’ of Sicily programme
– the ‘Live and study at your teacher’s home’ programme

Enjoy a real-life experience in our Italian school in Catania, Sicily!

Our mission is to not only teach Italian as a foreign language but also provide you with a real-life experience in Sicily.

We offer language study stays during which you can explore the rich cultural heritage of Sicily, including its historical places, archaeological sites, and artistic events.

Our aim is to guide you through the journey of history, art, and culture so that your language study stay becomes a memorable lifetime experience.

The Italian language school Giga International House Catania, will provide you with the experience and support you need to succeed in a positive and pleasant environment, thus offering you the best cultural experience to study Italian in Italy, with a wide range of Italian language courses, culture courses and extra programs to combine with the Italian course from which you can choose different forms of learning. With IH Catania’s Italian courses for foreigners, you can learn Italian in a more flexible way than ever before. 

Make new friends and discover more about the world and in particular, Italy and Sicily, while immersing yourself in a different culture and broadening your horizons.

This is both our promise to our students and our goal!

Studying Italian at GIGAInternational House school will be an exciting experience for you and will enrich your life with memories that will last a lifetime!

Go beyond the language learning experience!

Our school will be more than happy to assist you in organizing your accommodation and your arrival in Catania.

Moreover, our Italian language school will be next to you in helping you discovering Sicily’s abundance of sights and activities to keep you engaged and entertained, beyond the language learning experience.

The island boasts some of the most magnificent historical sites in Italy, such as the astonishing Ancient Greek ruins in Syracuse, the enchanting Taormina, and the magnificient Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

The island’s natural beauty is also awe-inspiring, from the stunning beaches and crystal clear waters of the many natural reserves to the majestic Mount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano.

Are you intrigued and eager to enroll in one of our Italian language schools in Catania, Sicily? If so, please follow the instructions provided on our webpage.

So, are you ready for a lifetime learning experience in Sicily?

One of the most significant advantages of learning Italian in Sicily is the opportunity to practice your language skills outside of class.

Sicilians are amicable and sociable people, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to strike up a conversation at the local markets, cafes, and neighborhood shops.

Moreover, Sicily is known for its vibrant and colorful festivals throughout the year, providing an excellent opportunity to put your new language skills to the test while enjoying local traditions and customs.

Learning Italian in Sicily is not just an educational experience, but an opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique and unforgettable cultural journey.

Sicily has everything international travelers and Italian language learners could ask for.

Whether you are looking to improve your language skills, make new friends, or simply explore one of the most enchanting places in the world, Sicily will exceed your expectations.

So, pack your bags, and let Sicily’s magic charm you, while you enrich your Italian language skills!

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