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one-to-one Italian lessons

Why take private or individual Italian lessons?

Private or individual lessons are particularly suitable for you if you want a tailor-made course because you need to focus on particular aspects or on particular skills in Italian.

During our group courses all language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) are practiced, but if you need to focus your attention and studies on only one of these skills in particular e.g. on improving listening comprehension or speaking skills, then individual lessons are suitable for you.

How much does a private course cost?

These are our prices:


 Weekly price.

The course can be extended for as many weeks as you wish


Weekly price.

The course can be extended for as many weeks as you wish


 Weekly price.

The course can be extended for as many weeks as you wish 

5 hours/week€ 200€ 300 € 350
10  hours/week€ 400€ 600 € 700
15  hours/week€ 600€ 900 € 1050
20  hours/week€ 800€ 1200€ 1400

Private or individual lessons vs. a group course

A group course must follow the average learning pace of the group and tries to accommodate everyone’s language needs and expectations, while also employing different didactic approaches in order to ‘activate’ the various forms of ‘intelligence’ (see Gardener’s Theory on Multiple Intelligences). 

A private or individual course, on the other hand, can focus on you and your most natural way of learning. Some people have an ‘auditory intelligence’ way of learning and need to listen a lot, some have a ‘visual intelligence’ and need a lot of visual aids, some have a ‘logical-rational intelligence’ and need a lot of systematization and exemplification, some have an ‘intra-personal intelligence’ and prefer solitary study, while some have an ‘inter-personal intelligence’ and like to work cooperatively in groups.

Knowing your natural way of learning can help the teacher to plan the individual lesson according to your personal learning preferences, needs, goals and character.

Are private lessons available for all language levels?

Private or individual lessons are available for all students from absolute beginners (A0 level) up to the highest levels (C1 and C2).

Private Italian lessons for a specific purpose

Individual lessons are more suitable than a group course if you have limited time or need to work on a specific language area or topic as they are, by nature, more intensive.

You may need to learn Italian for work or study or to learn vocabulary specific to a particular profession e.g. Business Italian, Italian for business correspondence, Italian for finance, Italian for law, Italian for fashion, Italian for medicine etc.

Can I do a private course with another person?

In addition to the individual 1-to-1 Italian course, we also offer 2-to-1 and upon request 3-to-1 courses. Therefore, you can ask your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, father/mother, son/daughter etc. to come and study with you. The important thing is that you all have roughly the same level of competence in Italian.

If I do a private course, can I still participate in the cultural activities program?

The weekly socio-cultural activities program is available to every student on all our courses. The afternoon or evening socio-cultural activities are also part of your Italian language learning program after all!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Private Italian Lessons

Q: What can I expect from private Italian lessons?

A: Private Italian language lessons provide personalized attention from an Italian qualified teacher, allowing for a tailored learning experience that addresses your specific language goals. You’ll have the flexibility to focus on particular areas such as conversation, grammar, or comprehension, enhancing your ability to speak Italian and understand the language more effectively.

Q: How do private Italian lessons differ from group classes?

A: Private Italian lessons offer a one-to-one learning environment, which means you receive undivided attention from a native speaker. This contrasts with group classes, where the teacher must split their time among several students. Individual lessons can often result in faster progress since the course content and pace are entirely aligned with your personal needs.

Finding Italian Private Lessons Near Me

Q: How do I find private Italian language lessons near me?

A: To find Italian private lessons nearby, you can search online directories or language schools that offer localized services. You can tailor your search with phrases like “private Italian lessons near me” or “Italian private lesson in Italy” if you’re seeking in-person instruction there. Don’t forget to check for online options too. But remember, the most effective way to learn is where the language is spoken and our school offers fantastic private lesson courses taught by excellent qualified teachers!

Online Italian Private Lessons

Q: Can I learn Italian online with a private tutor?

A: Absolutely! Our one-to-one Italian lessons can also be taught online! Contact us and we will work out the best solution for you in terms of times, days and hours!

Q: What are the benefits of online Italian lessons private tutoring?

A: Online Italian lessons offer flexibility, convenience, and the comfort of learning from your own home. You still receive personalized attention and a customized learning plan just as you would with in-person instruction but with added advantages such as selecting from a larger pool of experienced tutors and potentially more competitive pricing.

Learning Experience and Progress

Q: How long will it take to become fluent in Italian with private lessons?

A: The time it takes to become fluent in Italian with private lessons depends on various factors, including your previous language experience, learning style, frequency of lessons, and how much time you dedicate to practice outside of lessons. Remember, regular practice and immersive experiences will significantly aid your progress.

Q: Will I get to learn about Italian culture during my lessons?

A: Yes, private Italian courses often include learning about the country’s rich culture, history, and traditions, which play an integral role in fully understanding and appreciating the language. This holistic approach enhances the learning experience, ensuring that you not only learn the language but also the cultural context.

Course Details

Q: Are private tutors for Italian certified or qualified?

A: All our private Italian tutors are qualified and experienced teachers. When seeking a tutor, inquire about their certifications, qualifications, and experience with teaching, especially if you aim to achieve specific language proficiency goals or prepare for certifications yourself.

Q: Do private Italian language courses offer opportunities for speaking and understanding practice?

A: Definitely. Private Italian courses emphasize developing your speaking and listening skills. Language fluency isn’t just about grammar and vocabulary—it’s also about getting you comfortable with speaking and understanding others. Private tutors typically employ various interactive exercises during lessons to practice these skills.

General Information

Q: What should I look for in a private Italian language course?

A: The fac to be a native speaker does not automatically translate that you are a language teacher… Unfortunately, the most common online platform offer lessons taught by non-qualified language teachers. You can save money, but you’ll waste time, money and energy and you will never learn Italian with a non-qualified Italian language teacher!

Q: How can I get started with private Italian lessons?

A: To begin your private Italian lesson, first, let us know what are your language learning objectives. Once we will have this information, we will assign you a tutor and schedule a preliminary session to discuss your goals and get started with your personalized language learning plan.

For any further questions or to book your first private Italian lesson, feel free to contact us.

We’re dedicated to providing a top-tier learning experience that will have you conversing in Italian in no time.

Buona fortuna e a presto!

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