Terms & conditions

All enrolments are subject to the following General Conditions, which become legally binding on acceptance of enrolment by INTERNATIONAL HOUSE CATANIA – Italian Department.


  • All group classes run Monday through Friday except during official Italian holidays.
  • On their first day, students should arrive at school at 8.00am.
  • One class hour equals 45 minutes.
  • Group lessons are usually held in the mornings, however on occasion (generally during high season) these group lessons may be scheduled in the afternoon.
  • Individual lessons are generally held before or after group classes.
  • The number of course lessons includes the entrance/placement test (mandatory) and final exam (given on request).
  • Completion of a particular 4-week course does not guarantee advancement to the next level.
  • In the rare event that a student arrives, takes the entrance exam and is the only student for a particular level, that student’s tuition cost will be converted to private one-to-one lessons.
  • The standard 4-lesson course will be converted to 2 hours of individual tuition.
  • In the event that there are only 2 students for a particular level, the number of lessons for the class will be reduced by 15 minutes for each part of the standard course given the more intense nature of a small class size.
  • In case of complaints, a student can address our administrative office to talk to the Director of Studies. The policy for complaints is on display in our school administrative office.

National Holidays

The school is closed on Easter Monday, Liberation Day (25/4) Labour Day (1/5), Day of the Republic (2/6), Assumption of Mary (15/8), All Saints’ Day (1/11), and Immaculate Conception (8/12). A refund will be made for Public Holidays on the following basis:

  • INTENSIVE course = €30
  • COMBO course = €70
  • SUPER INTENSIVE course = €65


  • Finding accommodation is a free service for all students enrolled on our courses.
  • All housing is on a first reserved first served basis and is strictly booked from week-end to week-end. On the day of departure, students must vacate their accommodation by 10.30am.
  • The school only acts as an intermediary regarding the lodgings and takes no responsibility regarding the relationship between the renter and the student.
  • All of the accommodation available through the school has been selected by our Accommodation Manager, according to our Inspection Scheme for cleanliness, comfort and location.
  • Since all accommodation is privately owned and operated, there are minor differences in amenities, but all meet a standard level of quality and convenience and are regularly checked by our school.
  • In matching housing needs with what is available, everyone must keep in mind the seasonal and limited nature of housing resources in Catania, not to mention the modest price that students pay for their accommodation.
  • In case of complaints, a student can address our administrative office to talk to the Apartment Manager. The student will be asked to state the details of his complaint on a specific form provided by the office. The policy for complaints is on display in our school administrative office.

After the complaint, the school must have time to verify the validity of the complaint (within 48 hours, excluding holidays) to determine if there are justified reasons that satisfy the request for a change of accommodation or a refund. If it is a small problem, we will try to resolve it immediately. On the other hand, we may discover that there is no valid reason for the complaint.

Pick-up booking conditions

  • The pick-up service must be reserved at least one week in advance of arrival.
  • All last-minute flight changes or late flights (on Saturdays and Sundays) must be immediately communicated directly to the taxi service. The telephone number of the taxi service is always provided by our office to the booking party who is responsible for informing the taxi service.
  • The school is not responsible if agents do not notify the student of the stated conditions or if the student does not follow the conditions given.
  • This service is not cancellable within 48 hours of your arrival.

Extra courses

Extra courses are operated through external partners who are liable for the services provided.

Enrolment fee

An annual registration fee of € 50 is charged for course enrolment.


A € 250 non-refundable deposit is required to secure reservations. Payments for the deposit can be made by bank transfer or Paypal (see our webpage: deposit & payment )


All fees must be paid in full at the latest on the first day of arrival at school.
If payment in full has not been received within the first day the student will not be allowed to start the course.
On no account can the tuition fee paid for group classes be transferred to individual classes, after the beginning of a course.

Payment conditions

  • Payment for the language course can be made by cash, bank transfer,  Visa or Mastercard
  • Payment for pick-up, extra courses and accommodation can be made by cash, bank transfer, by Visa or Mastercard
  • Our registration office will coordinate all necessary information
  • Bank charges are to be met in full by the student

Our bank information (for bank transfers) is:

Account owner               Alessandro Adorno

Bank name                     FINECO BANK

Bank address                 piazza Durante, 11 – 20131 Milano – Italy

IBAN #                            IT96Z0301503200000002660470

BIC code (swift)             FEBIITM1

Please always clearly specify the name of the person for whom the payment is made.


According to the Italian Law n° 68, May28, 2007, foreigners (citizens who are not part of the European Union) staying in Italy for less than 90 days with a regular Tourist Visa do not need to apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno.

As per the official website of the Italian Police
all individuals entering Italy who are citizens of non-European countries (countries not belonging to the Schengen area) and staying in Italy for fewer than 90 days are only required to get their passports stamped at the customs station at the airport of entry. The customs stamp is equivalent to the Dichiarazione di Presenza required of the Schengen area citizens. Additionally, according to the current legislation, U.S., Canadians, Australians, N.Z. and Japanese citizens do not need to apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno, if staying for fewer than 90 days.

If the stay is for over 90 days, all aliens (citizens who are not part to the European Union) who enter Italy legally must comply with the rules governing the stay of aliens in Italy, and are required to report their presence on Italian territory to the local Central Police Station (‘Questura’) of the province in which they are staying within 8 working days from the date of entry, and apply for a residence permit (‘permesso di soggiorno’) pursuant to article 5 of Law 286/1998. Aliens requesting this residence permit are required to be fingerprinted.

We suggest looking for up-to-date information on the Italian Police website and the Foreign Office website


All minors must have a release/waiver from their parents or guardians and are to be accommodated in a homestay with half-board treatment.

Accident and medical insurance

We advise students to take out medical and personal insurance before leaving their home country.
Citizens from the European Union are entitled to free medical care in Italy if they hold an E111 Form which can be obtained from their local health authority in their home country before departing for Italy.
Citizens who are not part of the European Union must conform to the requirements issued by the Italian Government. Details can be obtained at their local Italian Embassies.
IH CATANIA – Italian Department has insurance for those liabilities expressly imposed by Italian law and for indoor and outdoor activities organized by the school.

Policy on harassment, bullying and discrimination

The school is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is free from all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination.
The school makes sure all students and employees are aware of the policy forbidding harassment, bullying and discrimination and their responsibility to comply with the policy.
This policy is clearly stated in our terms and conditions so students are fully aware of it and accept it. Appropriate action, which may include warnings and dismissal/disciplinary proceedings for serious or repeated offenses, may be taken against any student or employee who violates this policy.
Staff and students commit to treating everyone equally and without discrimination.

Personal data

Students authorize our school to use their personal data in accordance with the current Italian law (n° 196/2003) which also foresees that this information will be kept in archival form for legal use related to the booking and course-related operations.

The student also authorizes the school to periodically send information and promotional material about the school and the courses offered.

The student may request at any moment that all of this information be deleted

Use of photos and comments

Permission is given for the use of student comments or testimonials and photographs/images of students in the official promotional material of our school and courses by the student with acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Complaints and refund requests: resolution of disputes

Students should bring any problems to the school’s attention immediately in order to receive all the assistance and help needed to resolve any issues arising during their stay at school. We cannot do anything about complaints reported after the course has finished.

If a student wishes to complain about any aspect of the services, the complaint should be made in the first instance to the IH CATANIA – Italian Department office.

In the event that the matter is not resolved, the student or student’s agent should make a complaint in writing to the Director of the IH CATANIA – Italian Department.

Such complaints will be investigated provided that:

  • the complaint is received within one month of the course finishing
  • the complaint was initially registered in writing
  • all bills relating to the student making the complaint have been settled in full

Changes to bookings

IH CATANIA – Italian Department reserves the right to levy an additional administration fee to cover the costs of any changes that are requested to pre-booked courses or accommodation after we have confirmed the student’s place at school. 

It is possible to upgrade the course for a more intensive course during the study stay but the opposite is not possible.

Cancellation and refunds before arrival: general conditions

The following are IH CATANIA – Italian Department charges and refunds for cancellation or withdrawal from a course:

  • The school must be informed immediately of any requested changes or withdrawal notices or cancellations in writing
  • The €250 is never refundable after enrolment has been accepted by IH CATANIA – Italian Department and the school has sent a confirmation for the course and/or any other related service. You can however use it as a deposit for a later course booking.
  • With regard to booking accommodation
    • cancellation 21 days or more prior to the date of arrival: no fee
    • cancellation between the 21st day and the 8th day prior to the date of arrival: the cost of 3 nights
    • cancellation on the last 7 days prior to the arrival date: full payment of the accommodation bill
  • Deposits and fees are not transferable from person to person

If the IH CATANIA – Italian Department rejects an application, the applicant is entitled to a full refund within 30 days.

Refunds of tuition or accommodation fees prior to arrival

The following are IH CATANIA – Italian Department charges and refunds for cancellation or withdrawal from a course:

  • before 21 days prior to the date of arrival: no fee
  • within the 21st day and the 8th day prior to the date of arrival: the cost of 3 nights
  • on the last 7 days prior to the arrival date: full payment of the accommodation bill

Security deposit for damage to the accommodation

A €150 security deposit for any damage to the accommodation is required. The security deposit is to be paid to the landlord and will be refunded on the last day of the stay.

City Tax

The municipality of Catania requires all guests of hotels, B&Bs and independent studios and apartments to pay a city tax. Students can pay the city tax directly to the hotels, B&Bs and independent studio/apartment owners.

Refunds of tuition fees after the course start date

If a student does not attend, withdraws or reduces the duration of the course after the start of the course, the course fee will no longer be refundable. There are no refunds in the event of a late start or early departure. There is no refund in the event of absence from class and missed study hours cannot be made up.

To be titled to a refund, a 2-week notice period is required and the refund of any tuition in excess of this period will be refunded in full, less a cancellation fee of € 150. All costs related to the two weeks preceding the notice period are non-refundable.

Refunds of accommodation fees after arrival

No refund is allowed for delayed arrival or premature departure.

In the event that a student wishes to withdraw from accommodation after arrival without having provided a valid reason to our offices, 2 weeks’ notice will be required. In this case, accommodation fees paid in excess of this period will be refunded in full, less a cancellation fee of €150.

In the event of a fully justifiable reason for withdrawal, with the help of our Apartment Manager, the Administration Office will move the student to another apartment or find an alternative solution.


IH CATANIA – Italian Department and its staff and representatives are not held liable for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property howsoever caused, except where liability is expressly imposed by Italian law. IH CATANIA – Italian Department is not held liable in the event that any service contract to be provided by IH CATANIA – Italian Department should become impossible to supply for any cause or reason beyond the control of IH CATANIA – Italian Department.

Validity of prices

Prices are valid from January, 1st until December, 31st


IH CATANIA – Italian Department reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct is unsatisfactory at the discretion of the centre Director, whose decision is final. There will be no refund for fees in cases of expulsion and any billed but unpaid fees are payable immediately.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

All enrolments are subject to the above-mentioned General Terms and Conditions, which become legally binding on acceptance of enrolment by IH CATANIA – Italian.

By IH CATANIA – ITALIAN DEPARTMENT’s acceptance of an applicant’s electronic and/or signed form of registration or any other written form of registration (also through agencies and representatives), the applicant tacitly agrees to accept these General Conditions.

The application is made according to Italian law and Italian law will be applicable to any kind of dispute concerning any matter that might arise in a dispute related to enrolment.

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